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Positive discipline  

I knew everything about kids before having my own.

Then tantrums, sibling rivalry and homework battles happened and I learned the true meaning of, tedious, infuriating and lonely. So I set out to debunk how to: 

  • Disarm power struggles 
  • Stay loving even when setting firm boundaries
  • Inspire kids to take responsibility, have empathy, problem-solve
  • Lighten up, stop lecturing, feel close as a family

I found that Positive Discipline helped me deepen my connection to my kids and feel confident about my parenting choices. That's what I want for you. 

Leading with Love workshops boil down Positive Discipline theory and current brain science into simple strategies that solve our most dreaded parenting challenges. 


Kai kunkel

Kai is a mom of two, certified Positive Discipline parent educator, social emotional literacy trainer of teachers at Seattle Public Schools and works in special education with elementary school students who struggle to build behavioral, social-emotional and academic skills.

Kai's prior work with children includes owning and operating a home childcare center, multi-family nannying, heading up Kiwanis Camp Casey and childcare at Green Lake School Age Child Care Center.

For ten years she worked as a Planned Parenthood educator, teaching sexual health classes to young people from tweens to college students. She ran the award-wining peer education program, Teen Council and facilitated countless Family Workshops aimed to help parents and kids talk about puberty and sexual decision making. 

Kai's prior work with adults includes WA state childcare staff training, sexual health classes for adults in a variety of settings including the king county jail and local women's shelters, and Planned Parenthood clinical, educational and volunteer staff training.  

At the heart of Kai's work is a drive to teach kids to have the courage to follow their curiosity and show the world their inherent compassion, a hope that all children know deep down that someone's got their back, and a mission to give parents the support and tools required to be that someone for their kids. 




Kai is a skilled facilitator. She brought together 12 mamas and created a space for people to feel comfortable and vulnerable. Excellent training!
— Robin Holmstrom
It’s helpful to learn theory and research along with shared stories and strategies from other moms in the trenches.
— Molly Powell
It is a gift to yourself to take time to think about your parenting.
— Bree Mitchell

Free Parent Talks

These introductory workshops are rooted in positive discipline philosophy and current brain science. They're practical, welcoming, and fun. You don't need to register, just show up! Held at Green Lake UMC, upstairs from GLSA 6415 1st Ave NE Seattle, WA 98115. Feel free to email me with questions: kaikunkel@gmail.com

July 12, 7-8pm

Green Lake UMC

Clear away the nagging, bribing and yelling. Debunk how to get kids to listen in ways that leave them and you feeling calm, connected and confident.
More lighthearted; respected.    



Siblings & Friends
July 26, 7-8pm

Green Lake UMC

No name calling or having to settle arguments—just smoother play dates and siblings who share and crack-up together. We’ll get to the heart of how to lead kids there. 




Taming tantrums
aug 16, 7-8pm

Green Lake UMC

From toddlers to tweens, some kids' feelings are LOUD! We’ll discuss how to keep from losing it ourselves while helping kids quiet the screech.





happier routines
Aug 30, 7-8pm

Green Lake UMC

Let’s get routines in order for fall—so we're all out the door faster, doing chores without meltdowns, and feeling more chill at bedtime.