You Are Raising A Spirit Throbbing with Its Own Signature -Dr. Shefali

I just discovered Dr. Shefali Tsabary, psychologist and author of The Conscious Parent. I dare not write much about her teachings just yet as they're too deep to wrap my mind around without further study. But I can't stay quiet about her work because I believe it's a game changer for parents and nannies.

She says our primary job is to help kids express their inner spirit regardless of how different it is from ours. Our challenge is to let go of our wish for kids to be like us, even when (and here's the kicker) their inner spirit's expression is embarrassing or frustrating to us.

When we see these two girls approach the easel so differently, can we applaud them equally even if we identify with one more than the other? When we do, they will feel our support and their spirits will shine a little brighter.  

There's way way more to what Dr. Shefali is laying down and much of it comes from Eastern philosophy. I am eager to read her book and learn how to drop my ego to support the free and full development of my charges. No small task...I hope she's got some tips...I'll let you know.