This is As Good As It Gets, Kids

Mom & Bubbles.jpg

The little kids and I had just popped into the shop on the corner for organic doughnuts and I was sipping a latte. We were headed to the park where the big kids' field day was underway. It was the last day of school. A spring in my step, baby on my back, sunshine on my face, summer starts tomorrow kind of day. "It doesn't get better than this kids! Right now, this is the best." 

Here's the photo  Gabrielle Bernstein , thought leader & zen bombshell,   posted on Facebook yesterday. 

Here's the photo Gabrielle Bernstein, thought leader & zen bombshell, posted on Facebook yesterday. 

They didn't completely understand why I was so enthusiastic about right now being the best. And to be fair, I've been accused of being a little Pollyanna more than once. But it felt fun and important to point out the beauty of the moment.  

Not all childcare moments are sunshine and lattes. Sometimes when I'm in the thick of diapers and answering the question, "why?" I feel...bored. And lonely. But as nannies we can really make of each moment whatever we will. Grit our teeth through the monotony or see the humor, sweetness and meaning in it all.

Shawn Achor author of The Happiness Advantage says, "because our brain's resources are limited, we are left with a choice: to use our finite resources to see only pain, negativity, stress and uncertainty, or to use those resources to look at things through a lens of gratitude, hope, resilience, optimism and meaning." 

I have this ideal image in my head of sitting on the grass blowing bubbles with the kids. Some days it feels nearly impossible to be that nanny. Usually though, what it takes to become her is just to shift my perspective, pick up the bubbles, sit down on the grass and start blowing...