More Kids is More Fun (Crazier Too)

While the kids and I were finishing up lunch at the zoo today I noticed a nanny and her one charge come in and find a table. They sat down, didn't talk much, unwrapped sandwiches and looked pretty lonely. 

I've always taken care of more than one kiddo at a time. Right now it's five. That many children makes for more action in the form of both stress and fun. More kids adds depth and richness to daily interactions and activities. Adds more options for play. More opportunities to practice social and emotional skills. But it makes the hard times harder and sometimes I worry that one might slip under a fence and get away (we do lots of red light green light drills to prevent such a disaster).  

Having more kids does take away from my ability to spend much time one-on-one with any given child. Yesterday my daughter really wanted me alone after she tried in vain to read a challenging new book to the younger kids. But most of the time they play together and my role is that of coach rather than fellow fairy princess. I really love it that way and I see the kids thriving in their little gang. 

A nanny friend takes her charge to a fellow nanny's house for regular play dates. She was telling me that the girls and other nanny play while she makes lunch, then they all eat together. Dreamy. On our way out of the zoo today I noticed two nannies strolling together. A little adult interaction, kids were playing together - awesome. They were having way more fun than they would've alone. 

Do you know how to find other nannies in your area? Start with Nanny Care Tribe. And if you're in the Seattle area, The Northwest Nanny Association. Meeting up might just add more giggles, games and learning to everyone's day.